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Ms. Smith's Year 9 History Class

Impact of the Great Depression on Australia

Media and history textbooks traditionally paint a bleak portrait of the world during the Great Depression of the 1930's. But --

How accurate Is this portrayal?
How severe were its effects?
Did anything good come out of the Great Depression?

What can this Pathfinder do for you?

It can:
  • guide you through your research journey
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Page links on the sidebar are named after steps in the Research Cycle outlined in your class handout.

Each page has tips/tools to use at that step to complete your assignment.
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What do you need to do?

Write a persuasive essay with supporting evidence after you decide (based on research) whether you agree/disagree/partly agree/partly disagree with the statement:
The Great Depression had a devastating impact on all levels of Australian Society.

Key Terms central to understanding the Great Depression are here
Key Words you might use to search for information are here

Getting help -- Who can I ask?

See Ms. Smith or Ms. Hainstock. You can also post questions on the discussion tabs of each page. You will receive a response within 48 hours. For urgent help, contact the library staff.